Why Is My Wifi Slow?

Why is my wifi slow? This has got to be the question our Support Desk hears the most often, day in and day out. However it is not an easy question to answer. There are multiple reasons why Korcett residents experience slow wireless speeds. Here are a few big reasons and tips on how not fall into these slow wifi traps.

Your wireless connection will never be as fast as your wired connection.  A few reasons for this are; One, a wireless connection cannot send and receive data at the same time. Being able to send both ways (i.e. being plugged into the wall with an Ethernet Cord), helps tremendously when streaming video on multiple devices. What our Support Team hears from residents about using an Ethernet Cord and plugging into the wall is this isn’t feasible with a lot of devices. This is true. You cannot plug in tablets, phones, and some laptops, but why not plug in your smart TV, your desk top computer, or Xbox?  If it can be used on a wired ethernet connection, we recommend utilizing the device(s) this way to free up your wireless network capabilities.

Another fact to keep in mind is all wireless devices run different Channels. Most devices run on a 2.4GHz frequency wireless channel which is the most common and most saturated of the wireless channels utilized. Imagine this frequency as the highway during rush hour. You know your car can go faster than 20 miles per hour, but you can’t accelerate faster because there are so many cars on the same road as you. It’s the same situation on the 2.4GHz frequency. Your laptop has the capability of opening webpages and streaming videos faster but the wireless channel it is running on won’t allow it. Devices, like (some) new laptops, tablets  and phones, run on the 5.0GHz frequency channel which is much less crowded and therefore your wireless connection will be a lot faster. If the device you are connecting with isn’t 5.0 GHz compatible you can purchase Duel Band USB Dongle Adapter which will low your device with an USB port to connect to both frequencies and thus deciding for you which frequency will allow you the best wireless capabilities.

The last reason your wifi might not be as fast as you hope is rogue routers. When Korcett installs a wireless network they use very powerful Access Points (AP’s) that are positioned strategically around the community to ensure that the wireless network is available for you to access at all times. The AP’s talk to each other continually throughout the day. So if there are more devices on AP 1 than AP 2 and AP 2 can handle those extra devices while AP 1 will hand off the devices to the second AP. This communication results in an excellent wireless network with great coverage.

We can run into connection and slow speed problems within our wireless system when rogue routers are present. A rogue router is a personal router that is set up by a resident to create their own wireless network in their apartment or room. What most residents do not understand is when you create your own wireless network you are also creating a lot of “noise” on the wireless frequency waves. Our AP’s then get confused because they cannot communicate properly. Imagine it like this…

If you and your history study group are all in the same room talking and learning about the Civil War, you are going to be pretty knowledgeable about that topic and will do well on your next history test. Now imagine you and your study group in the same room trying to have a conversation about the Civil War while multiple other people are in the same room have conversations about WWII and Colonial Africa and the Mayan Civilization. It’s going to be very hard for your study group to be successful with so much background noise and disturbances happening. It is the same thing for our AP’s. In order to have the best wireless network possible, all background noise needs to be keep low. Unfortunately, rogue routes create A LOT of noise and if you are living next to someone who has installed their own personal router, your wireless connection will suffer. Moral of the story… if you are using a wireless router and you live at a property where Korcett does support the wireless system, please turn it off. Let our equipment do its job for you and your neighbors.

Remember, there are factors that can contribute to a slow wireless connection. If you have tried plugging your device (if your device will plug in) and you are still experiencing issues with your connectivity, please call our Support Desk at 1-800-379-3729. If you have a new computer and you would help getting it to connect to the much faster 5.0GHz frequency, call Support. Our Support Desk can even help you turn off the wireless capabilities on most routers so you won’t contribute to slow wifi for you and your neighbors. We are always here to help!

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