What To Do When The Internet Isn’t Perfect

The K.A.M. would like to take this Friday afternoon to review the processes of what to do when there is an outage at your property or if a resident has a question or concern. We know that when there is an issue with the Internet everyone wants it resolved as soon as possible. Trust us! The Korcett Team 100% understands that work is impossible without an Internet connection, at same time we also understand the frustrations that residents have when the Internet in their apartment is acting up.

This all being said, let’s go over the proper processes for you and your residents to follow when issues arise.

For Property Managers

  1. If your entire property is in an outage our NOC Team will contact you to let you know and to see if someone from the office or maintenance can take a moment and go verify power to your equipment in one of the communications closets onsite.

  2. Our NOC Team will continue to call whoever on the property staff is assisting in the troubleshooting process.  Once we have gotten a diagnosis we will then take the next steps to resolution, ones that may include getting a technician onsite to do additional work.

  3. When we dispatch a technician for onsite work, the technician will call the property to announce their ETA onsite.  Technicians will always check in and check out with the front office upon arrival and departure.

  4. Of course the Property Manager and Staff are more than welcome to contact the K.A.M. if they have any questions or concerns regarding the outage. We are here for you!

For Residents

  1. If a resident is having a problem or issue with their Internet they must call our Support Team. I know we can sound like a broken record, but the more Tickets we have open for a property the easier it is for our Support Team to see trending Internet issues.

Example:  If six residents call in reporting they cannot get an IP address on their laptops, they all live on the same floor and are getting WiFi from the same AP, we have just narrowed down the issue to a single set of AP’s causing the issue onsite.  This diagnosis coming quickly from the information we gather from your residents in the tickets they file.

Remember the Support Number is 1-800-379-3729.

Have a great weekend!


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