We Did Make It To Friday!

This week has been full of new installations and the start of Fall Move In for the K.A.M!

How are y’all coping?

Here is a visual recap of the Korcett Office.

august 2

* Jon See (NOC Team Member and Truck Roll Aficionado) was given a “Korcett 10” award for his awesome Service.

* Dave Lippke (VP) was honored for his Value to the Korcett Family as was Mike Nichols (Senior NOC Team Member and Lead Guitarist) for is Innovative Problem Solving.

Huge shoot out to all three of these gentlemen!

* In other Korcett happenings… This is a very busy time of the year for all of us, our engineering team included. However, if you are our Office Manager’s son and the CEO is out of the office definitely take over his couch for your reading and napping pleasure.

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