Vacation With Your Phone and Newsletter Issue 3

Can y’all believe that it’s already June?

Here in Austin summer means weekends at the lake, snowballs from trailers, and late night porch sitting.

Here at Korcett, the summer months are some of our busiest. New properties are opening which means new property installations and the K.A.M is working hard to help their current properties prepare for the big fall semester move in.  As the summer months can get a crazy, we are spending this final month preparing for the summer crunch of installations and property move in.  This is why we love the App, Stray Boots.

Stray Boots is an App available for both the iPhone and Android that gives its user a complete tour of the current city you are in. It’s like a tour guide, quiz, and game all rolled into one. Users start at a central place (i.e. Time Square in New York) and answer a trivia question. Earning points gets the user deals at local museums, restaurants, and bars.  Stray Boots then tells a piece of trivia about the city or landmark. Example: the word “cops” is derived from the fact that New York policemen used to wear copper badges and were known among the citizens as “coppers”.

We can’t wait for Stray Boots to grow to other cities. If they need help creating the tour and trivia for Austin, there are plenty of Korcett employees who would jump on board.

PicMonkey Austin

Remember every two weeks the K.A.M. sends out their bimonthly Newsletter. If you didn’t receive it via email, you can read it here. Enjoy and remember, please feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions or questions you would like answered via the Newsletter or the Blog.

Newsletter Issue 3

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