Twitter Goes Public

While perusing Yahoo this morning an article on the Best Tweets ever was trending because of Twitter going public. It’s a good mix of funny (Oreo tweeting during the Super Bowl power outage), the unbelievable (Captain Sully landing on the Hudson), and Socially Aware (government disapproval in Egypt). Check out the others here… 10 Greatest Tweets of All Time

An interesting thing to note is while Twitter hit the public sphere this morning to a great applause, Facebook, Yelp, and other Social Sites stocks feel multiple points. How long will this last, and how with Twitter going public even out prices in the long run?

Another big question… How many Twitter workers, most outside of the executive team, will be made millionaires over night?  Twitter Millionaires

Here is a great look into the days leading up to today, today, and what the future could bring for Twitter and their new share holders. Did you know that pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds all got a crack at buying the stock before you and me today? Twitter Going Public

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