The Ever Evolving Student Housing Industry

Every day at Korcett, we are constantly expanding our knowledge regarding the demands of the Student Housing industry. Our culture as a whole changes so quickly and on top of that add the ever evolving young adult. To manage the growing number of devices a young person owns takes constant diligence. David Senden, (Principle with KTGY Group, Inc.) wrote a great piece in Student Housing Business Magazine, about what a different arena student housing is from other bulk housing and how we cater to our very niche, the every changing student.

Senden, brings up the excellent point that students go to college and live in these apartment complexes just as much for the experience as for a place to live while obtaining their education. Part of that awesome experience is cool modern furniture, a roof top pool, and (this is where we are adding to the article) great Internet for all to use. Student Housing residents expect the Internet just as they would expect their kitchen to come with a fridge and a shower in their bathroom. Korcett’s challenge on a daily basis to make their Internet connection, regardless of wired or wireless connection, as simple to use as opening the fridge or taking a hot shower.

One way this happens is our residents only have to create an account upon their initial move in to their new apartment complex. After that, they are good to go! However, they always have access to their account page if they need to add a new device or change their personal information. Many of our residents also have the option to upgrade to faster speeds if they choose to do so. Gamers tend to love this!

This all brings us back around to the fact that this market and this age bracket is constantly changing and evolving and within this industry and as company have to always be growing and improving in order to meet these modern expectations.

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