Technology That Rocks

Let’s take a break from the crazy Fall Move In mishaps and craziness and learn about some new technology that ROCKS!


This is the iKnife (evidently putting “i” in front of anything makes it cooler). The iKnife is used in surgeries to remove cancerous tumors. It can detect tumor cells by reading the smoke the burned tissue releases. So far during the trials the iKnife has a 100% success rate for helping doctors remove tumors. It’s a little expensive at $300,000 but the industry is hopeful the cost will drop once trails are completed so more hospitals around the country can afford this awesome technology.

duo-two-piece-camera (1)

Introducing the Two Part Camera perfect for the 18 year old girl in all of us. Finally a camera specifically designed to take the best selfie possible. Although the two piece camera can be fitted together to take normal snap shots, it can also be separated to take duel shots or to use one piece as a trigger for the other to take the photo. Meaning you can hold the screen piece out at a flattering angle, make a duck face, and use the other piece held in your other hand to take the photo. Genius.


This might be the simplest of the technologies so far, but it’s pretty awesome. Silicon caps for veggies and fruit you have cut but not used to eaten the whole plant. The cups are air tight. Without oxygen getting in the food won’t turn brown or start smelling up your fridge. Because no one likes a fridge that smells like red onion. Sign us up. We’ll take one in every size.

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