Technology Blogs and Websites to Follow

Congratulations everyone! Spring Semester is over and we all survived!

What better way to relax for a bit this summer than reading for pleasure and not for school or work? Below we have listed some of Korcett employees’ favorite websites and blogs for all things technology related. Let us know if we are missing a great link and we will check it out and add it.

Here’s to the start of summer!

Mashable – Mashable is our favorite got to site for all things trending and being talked about on Social Media. Pretty much if there is a hashtag related to something, Mashable will report on it.

Tech Crunch – Tech Crunch is the 2nd largest blog in the world. However, they have done wonders keeping their community seem much smaller. In fact, when you open the site in large letters at the top of the page they ask you to send them tips to keep the site usable. It’s a great resource for all things technology, whether they are discussing Apple’s new AP rankings or the fact that the founder of Snap Chat might not be the nicest guy ever.

How To Geek – How To Geek is the perfect resource to always keep in your back pocket because even the best of IT departments can’t remember EVERYTHING. This is where How To Geek steps in. It’s easy to search for a specific issue or problem or you can just scroll down and read all the “how to’s” you didn’t even realize you needed to know.

Wired – Wired is an oldie but a goody. It’s packed full of technology information and current events. Up right now on it’s homepage? An article about Google’s first car!



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