Technology and Cooking – The Future

Korcett is a part of the technology world and we love all innovative Internet ideas.

However, we have other interests. If you have been reading our blog you can see in all our Friday Recap photos we eat a lot as a team. If you read our Newsletter a month ago, you learned that both our CEO and our COO claim cooking as a hidden talents. And, if you were here in the office today you would smell the delicious cookie smell wafting from two bags of baked goods in the kitchen.

Gadgets that combine our love for both technology and cooking really make us excited. Check out LifeScoops Top 10 Greatest Kitchen Gadgets here…

(The K.A.M. particularly likes the Remote Controlled Rolling Cooler. “Rolling Cooler, Bring me another Mai Tai!”)

Also, check out this link to a whisk/spoon that will tell you exactly how much of a certain ingredient you need to add to the dish you are making to make it taste delicious…

More salt in the soup? The spoon will tell you. Do you want to make your sauce more Sicilian? The whisk will let you know that you could try add coriander. Maybe in the future we will all be expert chefs.


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