Technicians and Onsite Visits

The Korcett Account Management Team has been getting a lot of questions asking to clarify the truck roll process and how we ensure technicians arrive to you and your residents when they are needed. We hope we can clarify some of this confusion and please feel free to send specific questions or concerns to your Account Manager.

* Different Support Team Members request technicians to be sent onsite depending on the problem that is being fixed. If just one resident needs help our Tier 1 Support Team will get someone onsite. If it is a building or site wide problem, our NOC (Tier 2) will request the technician.

* The Korcett Office is in Austin, Texas therefore, we partner with different MSOs and 3rd Party Technicians when sending someone onsite. Whoever the company is that works in your area of the country, we are all working together to get the problem resolved in the shortest amount of time.

* Even if the onsite Technician isn’t a Korcett employee, the majority of time the Technician to working over the phone with a member of our Support Team.

* When a technician arrives onsite they will first check in with the front office, so you will know who is onsite and when.

Remember if you have any questions or if you think you need a Technician to help with a problem or concern, please let your Account Manager know via phone call or email.

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