Surviving Finals

Can ya’ll believe it’s almost Finals Week again? This semester has completely flown by in the eyes of the K.A.M. In order to live in the present, we are taking a step back from preparing for Fall Move In 2014 and wanted to share with all of you some great ideas and motivation you can use, do, and share with your residents to get them ready to ace their finals.

Remind your residents that studying is more than just cramming the night before. In fact, USA Today has worked with Scientists to develop a list of studying tips and tricks that are backed by science. They include the following…

Create and Take Your Own Quizzes – If you struggle to remember that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 during fake quizzes before the real test you are more likely to then remember it come the day of your real final.

Drink Up – No, we are not suggesting your residents hit the local bar, but drinking caffeine is proven to help you stay awake and alert while studying. Start investing in Starbucks gift cards now.

Write it Out – Yup, writing what you are studying on paper helps you store the information you are learning better than just reading it or even typing it. 

Property Managers, Finals is a great time of the year to let your residents know you appreciate them and would love to have their business the upcoming school year. Here are some great ways to show your love…

Drinks and Snacks – Yummy eats and caffeine will always be appreciated by sleep deprived college students.

Open Late Hours for Study and Business Areas of the Property – If you have an internet lab or a study zone, rethink closing at 6PM. Residents are studying into the wee hours of the night and morning this time of the year. Having access to your computers and printers at later times gives them the resources they need to succeed. 

Check out our Pinterest Board “Surviving Finals” for more studying tips and resident appreciation ideas.

Surviving Finals


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