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It’s Monday!



To start this week off on the right foot and race to Tuesday (See what we did there? Bolted right through Monday, heading onward to Tuesday). Let’s review a few points and procedures about calling the Korcett Support Team.

1. Please remember that the resident who is experiencing problems needs to call the Support Desk from their apartment with their computer or device in front of them. You will not be able to troubleshoot for the resident.

2. Always remind the resident to write down their ticket number.  We say this over and over again, but it makes referencing the residents issue within our system faster and helps our Support staff quickly resume work on an issue. Long story short – everyone wins when we have this number to refer to.

3. Please do not give residents the Account Management Team’s direct contact information. We are awesome at a lot of things (being your voice at Korcett, navigating the crazy world of the Internet, answering your questions, and providing your team with a high level of  information pertaining to your property.)  Please have them call the Support Desk directly, as they are the gurus who can get your residents back online!

Here is the Support number in case you need it. 1-800-379-3729

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