Stress Management Tips

Stress and the office often go hand in hand. As much as we can try to organize our schedules and prepare for the future, stress sneaks up on everyone.

Today has been one of those days for a few of us here at Korcett. Coincidentally, yesterday Kevin (our COO) led a stress management meeting for all Korcett employees. We learned to think positively about events in our life, and how saying phrases over and over again can influence our actions however small they might be. We ended the meeting sitting on the floor of our small conference room in the dark participating in muscle relaxing activities and learning to control our thoughts and breathing.

How do you control stress at your job?

Another favorite of the K.A.M. is to bring our dogs to work. Look at these faces? How can you be stressed out over a conference call when these four legged sweethearts are working alongside you?


Or when all else fails, get physical… on technology… Office Space style.

(Oh and in case you are wondering who the furry friends are… meet Bella, Ruby, Noodles, Sammy, and Arizona)



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