In today’s digital world, residents expect fast and reliable Internet. While MDU Internet bandwidth has drastically increased in recent years, so has the number of mobile devices and bandwidth hogging platforms (like content streaming applications). In fact, students have on average between five and seven Wi-Fi enabled devices. Offering residents the highest amount of bandwidth available is a marketable bullet point, but it also takes a dedicated service partner to deliver consistent high-speed internet.

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Managed Internet Services

While Korcett installs networks capable of handling user speeds of up to 1Gbps, bandwidth availability is a problem facing every property. Our Managed Internet Services use a proprietary Korcett Server to monitor your network. We then allocate bandwidth to each user’s account based on activity. This approach allows users to get the most out of their individual bandwidth while keeping your community-wide bandwidth costs low.

Our Managed Internet Services also include a proprietary, cloud-based messaging portal that can facilitate one-to-one and one-to-many communication between you and your residents. This system is used for everything from renewal messages to emergency communication.

Our service is backed by 24/7/365 Network Operations Center and Help Desk support from our offices in Austin, Texas. We serve as the first source residents can turn to for problem resolution. This allows your onsite staff to focus on leasing, while we focus on keeping your residents online.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to all of our Managed Internet Services accounts.  The Account Manager serves as a direct point of contact for your staff, available to answer any and all questions.

Network Design and Installation

Whether you are building a new community or upgrading an existing asset, Korcett can handle all aspects of your wired and wireless residential networks, from design to installation. We deploy a cloud-based management system that reduces overall equipment cost by as much as 50%.

Our ideal deployments are in new construction builds that use updated wiring infrastructure to deploy a fiber network solution to your residents. Our team of engineers can design your community’s entire network to ensure your residents are always connected.

If your community is wired with coax and rewiring with Fiber or Ethernet is not an option, we offer a Cable Modem Solution. This solution provides blazing fast performance, without the expense of rewiring.

This solution provides blazing fast performance, without the expense of rewiring. To find out more about this solution, visit our Products Page.

Digital Television

You can now provide your residents an HD entertainment experience with our Digital Television for student housing and MDUs. Our Digital Television services offer an improved local management through an integrated web interface.  We also offer DIRECTV programming that features premium channels, regional sports and diverse channel variety.  Additionally, our Digital Television for student housing and MDUs includes these features:

    • No in-unit receiver required
    • Custom channel lineup
    • On­-screen scrolling guide
    • Plug and play platform
    • Premium channel lineups including HBO, Cinemax, news networks, regional and national sports 
    • Remote monitoring

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ISP Partnerships

Korcett has extensive experience partnering directly with ISPs across the country. Korcett partners benefit from our 12 years of MDU deployment experience and a collective knowledge base of millions of hours of use and improvements. We work with both national and regional providers in a multitude of capacities to assist with their MDU deployments and residential networks.

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