Rogue Devices

A great way to make sure your wireless network is strong and working well is to monitor and reduce the number of rogue devices at your property.

What is a Rogue Device?

A Rogue device is a resident bought device that is plugged directly into the property owned switch, located in the unit.  It then scrambles the wireless signal, preventing neighboring devices from immediate connectivity to their nearest Access Point.  Our Support Team knows when someone is trying to connect or is having problems due to a rogue device because of the IP Address their device is pulling. The most common rogue device found is a personal wireless router.

Remember: A resident who is experiencing wireless issues might not even be the resident who owns the rogue device. Rogue devices, like routers, can negatively affect surrounding neighbors as well as the owner.

Imagine Korcett’s Wireless Network like a jigsaw puzzle. You can only see the complete picture when all pieces are connected and working together. Now, think about the chaotic picture you would see if you used all the correct puzzle pieces and added random pieces from several other puzzles together. The picture would look broken, the border would be misshaped, and many pieces just wouldn’t fit anymore.  This is exactly what Rogue devices (like personal routers) do to the Korcett Wireless Network

Here is a great article by Victoria Tersigni written at the beginning of the 2013 Fall Semester. It explains how Rogue Devices are causing chaos at the University of Miami and what can be done to help rid the University’s system of these devices. Rogue WiFi Interferes with University Network

If you or your residents have any questions about Rogue Devices, please contact your Account Manager.


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