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Happy Friday everyone! The K.A.M. has had a busy but fun week full of new installations and helping thousands of residents during move in days. After this crazy week we would like to throw out a few reminders to everyone…

1. Please remember that for the majority of our properties, Korcett does not support the front office network. If your office internet is down or you are experiencing complications you will need to contact your local cable provider.  If you have questions on who to contact when issues occur in your office, the K.A.M. will be happy to provide you with the correct contact information to resolve the issue.

2. We have been receiving a lot of calls and emails about residents having trouble locating their MAC addresses to add devices to their Korcett Accounts. Here are some great links to help…

On PlayStation 3


On XBox 360


On Samsung Galaxy


On iPhones, iPads, and iTouch



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