The equipment that powers and broadcasts your community’s network is the backbone to connectivity. With this in mind, our engineering team has rigorous technical standards for our products. Our wireless access points feature the latest 802.11ac wave 2 IEEE standard technology. Additionally, these access points have multi-user multiple input/multiple output (MU-MIMO) technology. MU-MIMO technology allows the device to simultaneously send data to multiple devices. This is ideal for high-density environments like residential communities and college campuses.

Korcett has a deep understanding of MDU residential networks and college campus networks.  We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your communities most important amenity, rather, we listen to your broadband objectives and then provide the right equipment for your community.

Wireless Access Points

We install wireless access points in both common spaces (pool areas, clubhouses, classrooms) and apartments. This approach ensures full Wi-Fi coverage across your community or campus.

We offer a variety of wireless access points based on your managed internet services needs and budget. As a preferred partner of Ruckus Wireless, we use their products in the majority of our deployments. This is because we have found Ruckus Wireless access points to be the most robust product for MDU internet deployments. Whether you need wireless internet for 5 or 5,000 devices, Ruckus Wireless Access Points are second to none and their tagline says it all: “Simply Better Wireless.”

Korcett Server

Our proprietary Korcett Server is the heart of our Managed Internet Service and ensures every resident receives, at minimum, the basic bandwidth speed allotted per resident. The Korcett Server also comes with network-monitoring tools that allow us to mitigate issues in our residential networks quickly, often before your residents are even aware.

Cable Modem Solution

For situations where rewiring an entire community is not an option, we’ve developed a managed solution that uses existing cable modems to convert coaxial signal to Ethernet. This solution uses an in-unit Korcett server and wireless access points to provide the same blazing fast internet speeds as our traditional managed internet services.

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