New Favorite App – Jelly

Who doesn’t love a new App that lets you connect with other people in your area and have pressing questions like, “Where is the best place to have my bike fixed?” answered?

Have you heard of the new App making the rounds called, Jelly? Jelly (available for both iPhone and Android) allows you to take a photo and post a question to all other users in your area. People are Snapping photos of their car to ask where to get a good deal on a detailing, their dogs to get advice on the best local dog parks, and coffee (lots and lots of coffee) to find the best brew in town. Check out the article below for more information…

Of Course the K.A.M. isn’t just going to stand idly by and let everyone around us have all the fun by taking photos and getting advice from our neighbors, so Elaine downloaded the App and had a go of it. And, yes, it’s as easy as they say in the above article. All she had to do was sign in with her Facebook or Twitter account, snap a photo of the office fridge, and post a question. Done.


 After about 10 minutes she had three replies. Two we letting her know that Maudie’s Tex-Mex is amazing (The whole K.A.M. agrees) and one suggesting a local pizza place. This new App just might be a keeper.

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