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We hope everyone had a great weekend. Although Kristi, Desiree, and Elaine all work very differently (it’s one of the great things about the K.A.M.) their Monday mornings all start the same way… well pretty much.

Kristi sits down at her desk in the office that she shares with Elaine, and quickly organizes her desk to make sure everything is in it’s proper place before starting the day. Then she tackles her email inbox.

Elaine sits down at her desk (across from Kristi), slips off her shoes, and puts on some music. Then she tackles her email inbox.

Desiree sits down at her desk in her office, throws the 3 giant bags she takes to and from work everyday on the desk behind her, and goes to get coffee. Then she tackles her email inbox.

For professionals that receive as much email as the K.A.M. does I’m sure this Monday morning routine isn’t that odd to them. The routine of booting up one’s computer and opening that inbox to review what happened over the weekend. Today we would like to take this blog post as an opportunity to answer some questions and discuss some processes that arise over the weekend when we are not in the office.

1. When there is an outage over the weekend our NOC Team works on the problem just like if it would have happened during the week. This means they will see quickly see the issue and try to notify you, the property management team of the outage and if they need maintenance’s help with cycling equipment. Your Account Manager will then check in on the outage on Monday morning. If it has been resolved, great! If not we will get an update for you and make sure the problems are being worked on in a timely manner.

2. “Can you please call the resident in unit 123 about her Internet. She keeps asking us why it hasn’t been fixed?” The K.A.M. is more than happy to look into Support Tickets for your residents to make sure they are getting the help that they need. This being said in order to do so we have to have either the Ticket Number that has been assigned to the problem or at the very least the resident’s first and last name. The Ticket Number is MUCH easier to use to look up problems, so please try to get that from the resident to pass along to your Account Manager.

3. Remember residents can get help from our Support Team by either calling in the Help Desk at 1-800-379-3729 or by emailing . However, if they call they are guaranteed to talk to a Support Team Member and to immediately start the troubleshooting process. If they email Support can take up to 24 hours to respond to their inquire.

In case you missed the K.A.M.’s newest newsletter here is a copy…Korcett Newsletter 11 . It’s all about devices and how they effect your residents’ life on the net.

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Have a great week!

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