Life After Move In

We have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks chatting about the Move In process, but what happens once all the residents have picked up their keys, met their new room mates, and said so long to Mom and Dad? We want all of our residents to be successful this fall in classes and with their college experience.

Step One in that success is meeting their neighbors. Living in a Student Apartment Complex is a great first way to ease into making new friends. Property Management Teams can be a great help by organizing property wide activities. The K.A.M. have heard of some great idea that we would like to pass long to everyone.

Movie Night at the Pool!



Invite everyone down to the pool at dusk for a showing of a classic college movie like Animal House or Rudy. Or make it a little creepy and invite everyone to bring a float and show Jaws on a big screen that you can only see if you are sitting in the water.

Casino Night!



Although your residents may not be able to gamble, a Casino Night is a great way to bring people together especially when playing game like Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack where multiple people can win at a time. Have a designated ending time and the residents with the highest chip count could get $100 off their next month rent or a free covered parking spot for a month.

Football Parties and BBQ’s



Nothing says College like football, so light up the grills, ice down the coolers, and turn up the TVs for a fun Saturday of College Football! Invited everyone down to a common area and have a contest for the most creative fan wear.

Let us know any other great “Getting To Know Your Neighbor” party ideas.

Happy Move In!

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