Korcett, Technology, and The Super Bowl

Super Bowl madness is upon us, and whether you are Team Seahawks or Team Broncos, we can all root for the technology from MetLife Stadium to run smoothly. Remember last year when the electricity went out after halftime in New Orleans? No one wants a repeat of that, but especially not all the die hard fans who will be braving the freezing temperature and snow in the outdoor stadium.

Here are some ways the NFL is upping the technology factor this year:

  • The CIO of the NFL, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, is hoping to give fans at the game the same experience that fans at home would receive. This means making sure that the WiFi at MetLife Stadium can handle every attendee getting online, tweeting, posting photos, and even live streaming the game that they are watching live in front of them.

“We really want to get to the point where we can have multiple replays, multiple angles, have the ability for our fans, if they want to watch the commercials, to do that live, stream different components of the game,” – McKenna-Doyle

  • Just as the NFL is upping the security to protect the nearly 80,000 fans they expect to be onsite come Monday, they are also making sure plenty of security is in tack for the Internet to detour hackers.   
  • Read how SAP is bringing fans together with social conversations all about football and the Super Bowl. SAP Brings Smart Football To Super Bowl Fans Spoiler Alert… SAP will show how socially the conversation changes when a team scores, what people in different parts of the country are saying, and how the outcome of the game will affect talk throughout the off season.

Of course the K.A.M. is ready for the big game and the big party! Check out our new Pinterest Board for great football watching party ideas… Super Bowl 2014



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