Korcett Team Building

A big reason why the Account Management Team loves coming to work everyday is that we are a part of a bigger team – Team Korcett. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that we have support and encouragement from everyone around us. We can always walk over to NOC’s room and ask Jon or Philip a question. Travis and Grayson’s doors are always open, and even Robert (V.P. of Technical Operations) is always ready to pause his busy day to help escalate a ticket or resolve an issue.

Yesterday, the entire Korcett Team decided to have a Company Team Building day at the Austin Gun Club, located in Lampasas, Texas.  The whole team spent the morning reviewing last year and learning about the exciting year to come. We also took the time to define what we, as a company, think success means. After breaking up into small groups (full of people from different departments), we also defined what it is that we do, and why what we do is important. It was great to hear everyone’s ideas about their jobs and where they fit into Korcett as a whole. Kind of like a puzzle, we would not be complete without everyone and the amazing job they do here.

Two of our team members we singled out for Korcett Awards.

Director of Technology – Clinton Cory, was honored for his awesome Service to Korcett and our clients. He has been with the company for so many years and he is HUGE part of our everyday success.



Account Manager – Kristi Mann, was singled out for her Discipline and Dedication. She is always ready to tackle any problem in Account Management, and a huge help to anyone else who asks her for a favor.


The afternoon was spent enjoying the absolutely gorgeous day we were blessed with. With the temperature around 75 degrees and the sky big and blue, the Korcett Team had fun shooting at the Austin Gun Club. Whether it was clay pidgins or pistols everyone found a niche to learn or perfect.


A big thank you to the Austin Gun Club for hosting our Team Building Event!

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