Korcett Team Bonding

Sometimes you just have to get out of the office. Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam.

And sometimes you just need to completely demolish some 10 year old kids in Lazer Tag. Which is exactly what Team Korcett did yesterday afternoon. One of the great things about working for Korcett is the company understands employees need time away from their desks to engage with one another, learn how to best communicate, and well… bond. We spent yesterday afternoon at our local Main Event. We bowled, played pool, ate some delicious fried food, and killed it in Lazer Tag. Strategy was yelled in the Lazer Tag arena with our accountant, Anita, taking charge and leading the offense. Frank, in Software Development, and Desiree, Senior Account Manager, took the top honors in bowling. Frank is also the closet pool shark of the office and demolished everyone in pool.

Although our office is not huge, we don’t always interact with each other on a daily basis. Support has to always be at their desks to answer calls. The Management team spends so much of their time in meetings. The K.A.M. gets stuck on calls or answering emails. Days like yesterday let us all come together and remember why we are so lucky to work along side each other and grow with the same awesome company.

Does your property ever do team bonding days or activities? If not, here are some great options along with why out of the office team building activities are so important to improving company moral.




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