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Have you and your property been following Korcett on Pinterest? If not, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Korcett’s Pinterest page. Today Account Management took a few minutes to bask in the incredible awe that is our “Technology Rocks” board.  These are the amazing Pins that are would make lives

more luxurious.

We found this super practical Sunfriend UV Wristband that notifies the wearer when they have had a healthy dose of sun versus when it is time to lather up with sunscreen.  Great way to fight off future sun damage and keep your skin glowing, not burnt.

This USB Mini Fridge that will cool down an 8oz can of soda by plugging into any USB power supply.

Then there is the ridiculously cool phone charger that works off of a cup of coffee.  Everyone who works in a caffeine lovers’ office such as Korcett, should have one of these!  Beware, this is a great excuse to keep your hot Cup of Joe full, during your recharge session.

Then there is the crazy and outrageous bedrooms designed around technology. We are thinking it’s time Elaine redesigned her bedroom to look like this.


What Harry Potter fan hasn’t marveled at Mrs. Weasley’s magical clock? Well now you can own one that runs off your family’s Tweets on Twitter. Technology that brings the magical world of Harry Potter to real life, sign us up!

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Have a great start to the week!


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