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Yesterday the Account Management Team sent out our 20th bimonthly K.A.M. newsletter. We can’t stress enough that these newsletters that are sent to management teams on the 1st and the 15th are full of important and useful information. Below are links to the past 10 Newsletters and highlights on a few.

Korcett Newsletter 20 – Using the KMC Portal. What information you, in office management, have access to and how this this tool can be used to your benefit.

Korcett Newsletter 19 – All About Equipment. What exactly is an AP or a switch? Review this newsletter to learn about all the equipment that powers your internet.

Korcett Newsletter 18 – Managing Your Residents and the Internet. Learn how our NOC relays information to you, the property, and your residents. Also, review our ideas about how to handle negative posts on Social Media.

Korcett Newsletter 17 – Key Tips and Tricks for New Residents. Again, this is great information to share whenever new residents are moving in. Read all about troubleshooting and FAQs.

Korcett Newsletter 16 – Happy Holidays. Okay, so maybe this Newsletter isn’t packed full of useful information, but sometimes it’s nice to hear how we, at Korcett, appreciate our relationships with all out properties and management teams.

Korcett Newsletter 15 – Happy December. Hints for finals (can also be helpful for Spring Finals as well).

Korcett Newsletter 14 – Resident Life With Internet Powered By Korcett. Great tips and tricks for your residents and some easy at home troubleshooting ideas.

Korcett Newsletter 13 – Korcett Support: Everything You Need to Know. How to contact Support, and the different levels of Support available to your residents.

Korcett Newsletter 12 – Fall 2-13 Move In Review. Although this Newsletter was written as a recap to the Fall 2013 Move In Season, the tips, tricks, and helpful hints would be a good review any time of the year. Be sure to review the FAQs and Concerns.

Korcett Newsletter 11 – Devices: An Overview. What are devices and why adding devices to accounts is so important.

Korcett Newsletter 10 – Copy Write Infringement. What Korcett does when when we are notified this is happening and how our actions will affect your residents who are accused of copy write infringement.

Remember, these Newsletters are sent out to help you and your management team learn more about Korcett and the Internet. If there is ever a topic you would like covered or mentioned in these Newsletters, please let your Account Manager know or email us at kam@korcett.com .




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