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There are times at work when we all need to blow off a little steam, joke around with our co-workers, and remember why we all love what we do and the company that will allow us to do just that.

Creating a culture that is compelling, exciting, and something we can all be proud of is extremely important to Korcett, especially as we continue to grow at such a rapid pace. Here at Korcett our culture revolves around the work family. We have modeled our culture to reflect the personalities and individuals we have here at Korcett which is filled with business goals, family values and of course fun.

We spent last Friday having fun. We played games, had lunch, spent time with people who we might not have a chance to talk to on a day to day basis because of our day to day business demands, and had a great time. The culture of a company 100% trickles down from the top, from leadership. This was very easily seen on Friday as Dave our CEO was playing ping pong, while David Lippke (President) and Kevin (COO) were establishing themselves as the giant Jenga team to beat. (Oh, and they were beat… by pretty much everyone else in the company.)

We wanted to share with you some photos of our fun day and some great links to articles on how to improve your companies culture and why culture is so important to a companies growth. Enjoy.


1. Giant Jenga and World Cup! Robert was wonderful to loan us his office for the day.

2. Jenga crashed on Phillip

3. Lippke and Kevin thought they were pretty amazing before their record was broken by everyone else in the office


pingpongallMike was victorious in the office Ping Pong tournament!

Great Ways To A Great Corporate Culture – remember, if an employee is always saying “they” or “them” instead of “us” and “we” this is a bad sign.

Startup Founders Reveal Best Culture Practices – “Shaping your culture is more than half done during hiring.”

Top Agencies With The Best Company Culture –  Go big or go home. Check out these Advertising Agencies and the AMAZING ways they have created a one of a kind culture for their employees.



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