Korcett’s 2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

At Korcett we are known for building superior residential networks. We’re also major tech geeks and gamers.  To help you finish your shopping list for that tech-obsessed person on your list, we’ve put together Korcett’s 2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide.

Nixon Smartwatch


Whether you like it or not, wearable technology is here to stay. While smart watches have been around for a few years, it was the release of the Apple Watch in 2015 that prompted the popularity of the smart watch in 2016. But the question we’ve always asked is when will wearable technology become fashionable and rugged? Meet the Nixon Smartwatch.

Nixon has long been making watches that appeal to the Surf and Snow Crowd. And their Smartwatch is no different. The watch comes preloaded with apps for real-time surf and snow shred alerts. It’s also water resistant, shock proof and powered by Android Wear.  The Nixon Smartwatch is customizable with a different band, bezel and case finishes. Now that’s something we can wear.

Starting at $400; nixon.com

Amazon Echo


First released in 2014, the Amazon Echo hit its stride with a new release this fall that includes a smaller, more affordable model (Echo Dot). Much more than a smart speaker, the Echo series is the control board for your intelligent home, capable of controlling everything from garage doors to lights to music.

The Echo is compatible with a long list of apps/devices that power your smart home. A sample of these include: WinkInsteon, and SmartThings, Philips Hue LightsBelkin WeMoSensi, and Ecobee.

Amazon Echo also features our favorite voice companion, Alexa. Siri is so 2011.

$49.99-$139.99; Amazon.com

Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Sometimes it’s important to get back to the basics and kick it old school. The NES Classic Edition is for those times. It’s a miniature version of the classic Nintendo console with a modern twist.


The updated console, which was released this fall, features an HDMI connection, a display mode to replicate the 8-bit design and, the best part, comes pre-installed with 30 classic Nintendo games. Unplug your Xbox, and plug in a classic. It’s time to save Princess Toadstool.

$59.99; nintendo.com

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