Keep your Residents Connected and Renewing with Managed Internet Services

If you’re a new student housing developer or operator, you’ve probably done your homework on the nuances of the student housing industry: the importance an on-time opening, keeping up with the arms race of amenity offerings and designing market-appropriate unit mixes. But are you paying enough attention to one of the most important student housing amenities? Managed Internet Services.

It’s no secret that providing your residents with consistent, high-speed internet (included in their monthly rent) is paramount to resident satisfaction. According to a 2015 NMHC survey, 94% of residents rated high-speed internet as the most desired in-unit amenity.

However, slow internet is the most common resident compliant in student housing, according to the blog ucribs. And residents aren’t thrilled with their current speeds: the average student satisfaction ranking of internet bandwidth at their community was 6.6 out of 10, according to Multifamily Insiders.

Giving your residents the internet they want and need isn’t as simple as throwing a lot of bandwidth at them and then forgetting about it. To make sure your residents are always connected, you’ll need someone to support, monitor and troubleshoot your network around the clock.

A Managed Internet Service provider is responsible for all aspects of your communities’ network design as well as the management of the internet. Managing internet is essentially allocating bandwidth based on use and ensuring all your residents have a guaranteed basic speed.

To better understand this, let’s compare bandwidth to water. You have 10 buckets you are trying to fill. Some of these buckets are almost full and others are empty. If you simply turn on a hose and spray the water in the bucket’s general direction, you might spray excessive water into the fuller buckets, while not filling up the emptier buckets.

For you to fill all buckets and avoid wasting water, you will need to “manage” your watering so that each bucket gets the appropriate amount of water to become full.

In student housing, you will have residents with varying degrees of bandwidth usage. Some only use the internet to check social media sites and email (light bandwidth), while others might stream 4K video  (heavy bandwidth). A Managed Internet Service ensures each resident gets the bandwidth they need. No more, no less.

Whether you are building a new community or acquiring a new asset, a Managed Internet Service can easily be deployed. Once set up, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing your residents are connected, happy and ready to renew.

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