Instagram for Student Housing

Instagram has over 22 million users, and just sold to Facebook for 1 billion dollars – yes billion with a B. It’s no wonder why so many apartment complexes are flocking to the social media hub for advertising  to connect with their residents. Why has Instagram been so successful? Its success lies within its simplicity. Take something simple and  awesome like free coffee for your residents in the mornings – how can you get this message conveyed to them?

1. Go door to door to every unit in your complex and explain to your residents that in the morning you and your staff will be providing free, hot, and yummy coffee in the office and they should stop by and grab a cup.

2. Sit down at your computer and draft an email to every resident that lives onsite, including pleasantries, greeting, closing, and signature that in the morning they can come to the office for free, hot, yummy coffee.

3. Log into Facebook and explain in a status update that there is free coffee and you can get it in the mornings in the office and it’s yummy. Oh, and don’t forget your rent it due in a few days.

4. Log into Twitter and tweet your residents, “Don’t forget there is hot, free, and yummy coffee every morning in the front office – we appreciate our residents and hope to see you tomor” … and then spend 10 minutes trying to edit down your tweet to 140 characters.


5. This…


In three easy steps what took an entire afternoon in option 1 to convey to your residents was done in 30 seconds.

Step 1. Take a photo

Step 2. Choose a filter (You can even skip this step! #nofilter)

Step 3. Tag your photo. We chose Hashtags that easily let residents know that there is free, hot, and yummy coffee in the front office. Oh, and that the office staff loves their residents.

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