How to De-Clutter Your Home – Technology Style

Since summer has arrived many of your residents have a little free time on their hands. Sure they might be taking a class or two during summer school and working an odd job here or there, but we are willing to guess that they are also spending a lot of time at the pool and visiting with friends. Having this free time makes it a great time to organize their lives and apartments, including all the technology they use on a day to day basis. Here are some great tips to help declutter your residents’  lives, technology style!

1. Hide your wireless router or cable modem and all their obnoxious cords and wires in a decorative box. Take a look at this article from for more information.



2. When you buy new electronics download the user manuals to your cloud. This was you can chunk all those books of paper. (Don’t forget that you will have to add the device to your Korcett Account if you want to access the Internet with it.)cloud

3. Run a power strip through the back of your nightstand so you can charge all your devices at once and out of sight. Genius Right?nightstand


4.  Technology can even be used to help on your declutter mission. Check out this link to a great list of Apps that can help you get on the ball with organizing your life. Apps To Help you Clean and Decluttergoodwill

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