How The Internet Is Used Globally

Cool Visualizations That Show Us How We Use The Internet

The link above has been making the rounds of Internet sharing the past few days. It’s a great collection of graphs and maps that show how the Internet is used around the United States and Globally. Let’s all take a quick exhale of relief to learn that Facebook is not the most visited website in the Unite States. Win one for America.

Also, as someone who lived in Central Texas (Map #2) is not my favorite thing to see. Why can’t I get as fast of speeds as Seattle or New Hampshire?


Map #6, What Happens in 60 Seconds On The Internet… WOW! I mean think about it. In the amount of time it took you to read the above text the following has happened about the globe…


204 million emails have been sent

72 hours of video have been uploaded to You Tube

347 new blogs have been posted to WordPress (this will become one of the those when we hit “publish”)

Is is odd that the United States is not one of the most connected countries in the world? (Map #8) We think so.

Map #14 shows the underwater pipes that connects the world. How cool is this? Click on the link just below the Map to learn more and zoom into a specific region.

internet 3

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