How Korcett Stays Social

It’s a brand new year and a big goal of Korcett’s Account Management Team for 2014 is to utilize and create better connections with our residents and property managers through social media. We want to be as socially reachable as we possibly can, meaning when questions, concerns, or major issues arise there are many ways for Korcett to be contacted. Social media opens multiple doors and showcases many avenues for doing just this.

Twitter – Following @korcett on Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with everything Korcett does socially.  All of our Facebook post, LinkedIn updates, and new blogs post are also noted on Twitter. We will also be tweeting in the New Year with the hashtag #korcettrocks. As in – Jonathan from @ChapelRidgeUNC says “Both Morgan and Jesse responded quickly. Thanks to both for looking into this issue.” #korcettrocks

Facebook – Liking Korcett on Facebook will allow you and your residents to follow what is happening here in our office from growth, to new new employees, and Austin life.  Facebook will allow us to share fun and exciting articles and facts about resident life and ever changing and evolving technology, and message us with any questions, observations, or concerns.

LinkedIn – Beside our awesome new website, , LinkedIn is the best place to look for job openings for our team and new technical articles shared within our industry or internal articles written by Korcett employees.

Pinterest – We will never get bored of pinning new and creative ideas for college students and our management staff. If there is ever a holiday coming around don’t forget to follow Korcett on Pinterest for fun ideas on food, parties, and (of course) technology.

We would love to hear from y’all on how you and your residents best use Social Media and if there is anything else you would like to see from us.

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