Hard vs. Soft Outages

“Help! I’m in a Soft Outage! What does this mean?” – A question the K.A.M. hears a few times a month

A Hard Outage means that Internet traffic has stopped passing and your residents will not be able to get online. This means no homework, no movie streaming, and no Facebook. When Hard Outages occur the front office will receive a phone call from our NOC Team asking if someone from the staff can go check the power to our equipment. If there isn’t power, the equipment will need to be power back up. If there is power we will, more than likely, send a technician onsite right away.

A Soft Outage means that traffic is up and running and your residents are still able to get online and use the Internet as need be. (Yes, they will still be able to send those super important late night tweets.) However, our NOC Team and Internal Engineers do not have 100% visibility to all the equipment onsite.  Even though this soft outage is in effect, we need to be proactive when a soft outage occurs so we can ensure that all buildings are up and all equipment is functioning properly.  Although residents are not directly affected by the Soft Outage, we still want to take care of it right away so we can provide the best customer service and Internet to all our residents.

Remember this blog is written primarily to answer questions and help you, our properties’ management staff. If you ever have question you would like addressed, please feel free to let your Account Manager know. We’re here to help!

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