Good Morning Routines

Desiree said something this morning that hit home in a really great way with the rest of Account Management. She made the point that coming to work here at Korcett is always exciting because every day is a different challenge and full of new puzzles to solve. Some of our days are spent in the present, helping work through Support Tickets, calls with clients, and countless emails and newsletter answering the many questions that are always being thrown our way. Other days are spent looking at the future – the future of our company, account management’s continual growth, and our ever evolving technology. However, we agree that some things should remain constant in our work days, and when we came across the following article we just can’t help but share…

Jacqueline Smith of Forbes lists out 14 things that you should do at the start of every work day.

The K.A.M. also has a list that we would like to share and (as you can see) many of the ideas and tidbits overlap from her list to ours.

  1. Arrive when you say you are going to arrive. Smith recommends always arriving on time, but we are a pretty flexible and casual office. Kristi is always here bright in early. Elaine swings in about 20 minutes after her, and Desiree arrives a little bit later. Although, we each arrive at different times for daily coverage, we are consistent in our arrival times. If we ever diverge from these normal times, multiple texts and phone calls are made so we always know when our team members will be walking in, ready to start the day. Communication is key.
  2. Breath. A day at the office is like running a marathon. You are not going to “win the day” in the first five minutes. When you walk in, take a few moments to get situated, pour that cup of coffee, do any reboots you need to on your computer, and yes, breath. You are going to be at your job for the next 8 hours. That email can wait another 4 minutes while you unpack your lunch in the fridge and say hello to your office mate.
  3. Be mindful of your mood. We completely agree with Smith when she states, “Your first hour at work can set your ‘attitude barometer’ for the rest of the day”. We try to approach each day with a happy attitude and open mindset. Negativity has no place in our office.
  4. Organize you day. We all do this differently. Whether it’s through your inbox and mail calendar or a small notebook that is always around or even a list of tasks every day, find an organizational method that works for you and stick with it. No one is going to judge you for your impossible Sticky Note infrastructure all around your computer as long as you don’t miss meetings and get your work done.
  5. Check all forms of communication. Although it is really easy to reach out to the Korcett Account Management at any time of the day, this means that we have a lot of communications to check in the morning when we arrive at the Office. Opening our laptops means opening email. We check our messages on the phone. Then there is getting on line and looking for new Facebook comments, tweets from Twitter, and messages on the blog. Sometimes there is so much we wouldn’t be surprised if a messenger pidgin showed up at our window with a question about a certain ticket.

What is your morning routine? Do you agree with our list or the list on Let us know.


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