Crazy Team Korcett

Happy Friday Everyone!

Have you ever said something around the office that quickly escalated into something way cooler and way more fun than you ever thought it would? Well, that is what happened with Crazy Leggings/Tights Day here at the Korcett office. It has finally cooled down here in Austin to the low 70s, which of course means boots, sweaters, and scarves. (Gotta love living in Central Texas)

Some how in the midst of chatting about this gorgeous weather, the ladies of Korcett decided that today needed to be Crazy Leggings/Tights day. An email was sent, plans were made, and this morning we all showed up with varying degrees of ridiculous legs.

We fully expect to be judged.


From Left to Right… Danielle Martin, Project Sales Coordinator – Elaine Haygood, Account Manager – Kelly Jelson, Office Manager – Lisa Cortes, VP of Business Development – Kristi Mann, Account Manager – Mike Nichols, Lead Engineer, Desiree Williams, Senior Account Manager

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