Best 10 Apps For College Students According to Men’s Health

Do you remember when you were in school and you heard about the best place to buy books at the random girl you sat next to in Biology 101? Or how you would stand in front of the billboards at the Student Center for a good ten minutes so you could find a roommate for next semester?  Or learn about the best party to attend on Friday, and grab a coupon for pizza anytime the football team won? K.A.M. remembers all of this, but students today… not so much. You know why?

There’s an App for that.

Men’s Health recently published an article listing the Best 10 Apps for college students, and after learning more about them, we’ve decided they would be pretty awesome for any college student.

A few of our personal favorites mentioned by Men’s Health are ‘Share Your Board’ and ‘Amazon Student’.

Share Your Board is note sharing App that is as easy as snapping a photo of any black board you see with notes written on it. After quickly uploading the photo you can search for your class notes by room number and time of day.

Amazon Student allows users to take a photo of the bar code of a pricey-brand new text book in the bookstore and then updates the student of where to find it used and cheaper. Plus, you can sell the textbooks back at the end of the semester for Amazon Gifts Cards – which is as good as cash in this day and age.

What other Apps to you know about that your students love?


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