Korcett Culture

There are times at work when we all need to blow off a little steam, joke around with our co-workers, and remember why we all love what we do and the company that will allow us to do just that. Creating a culture that is compelling, exciting, and something we can all be proud of… Read On »

Korcett’s New Office

Did you know that Korcett is currently in the process of designing, building, and moving to a brand new office? We know you must be thinking, “But how can you leave that amazing view?” Don’t get us wrong. We love the view, but we are growing so fast internally we are running out of space… Read On »

Surviving Finals

Can ya’ll believe it’s almost Finals Week again? This semester has completely flown by in the eyes of the K.A.M. In order to live in the present, we are taking a step back from preparing for Fall Move In 2014 and wanted to share with all of you some great ideas and motivation you can… Read On »

Spring Cleaning

Happy First Day of Spring! When the K.A.M. thinks of spring, images of Texas wildflowers and Easter baskets tied together with warm sunny days by the lake come to mind. However, once we have settled down back into reality, what are we really thinking? Spring cleaning. The time has come to open the windows, let… Read On »

Korcett Team Building

A big reason why the Account Management Team loves coming to work everyday is that we are a part of a bigger team – Team Korcett. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that we have support and encouragement from everyone around us. We can always walk over to NOC’s room and ask Jon or… Read On »

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