Apps for Music Festivals

In  honor of the week between ACL (Austin City Limits Music Festival) here in Austin the K.A.M. is here to bring you the best Apps for attending music festivals.

We don’t know about y’all, but we when venture out to an outdoor, multi-day music festival the less you can take with you the better. We will forgo the back pack for a small across the body purse, take a reusable water bottle instead of carrying three liters of Aquafina, and prepare our phones before day one. Here are our recommendations…

1. ___(insert your festival here)___ Festival App: Always make sure you start with the App for whatever festival you are attending. This App will give you updates on the acts, where concessions are located, and even which side of the stage is best for avoiding camera crews and being able to get closer to the state.

2. Instagram (or any photography App): Unless you are getting paid to lug around a giant professional camera, leave the massive Canon at home and just stick with your phone. Choose one filter to use all weekend long so your pictures look cohesive and go to town snapping shots or your friends and quick videos of your favorite bands.

3. BIC Concert Lighter: Okay this might be a little corny, but it’s still super fun. At night when you are jamming out, no need for a real lighter and the possibility of setting someone’s hair on fire, just hold up your phone with you virtual lighter… oh and it’s free.

4. Shazam: A great App to use when you are listening to a band you haven’t heard of a hear a great song. Simply hold up your phone, tap the Shazam button, and it instantly tells you who the band it and what the name of the song is that you love.

If you live in Austin or if you are making the trek here for the second weekend of ACL have fun and be safe!


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