Amenities of the Future

Nowadays, apartments offer so many amenities and benefits they can take up a whole brochure when listed out. Residents not only look for, but expect to find an apartment with a modern kitchen, large bathroom with two sinks, and an open floor plan. And yet today they also expect a resort style pool, fitness center, and business center. Just imagine the amenities that residents will be looking for in 20 years?

 An apartment building in New York has started offering amenities that although may seem a little outrageous right now, in a few years will just be the norm for everyone all over the country.

Today buildings and complexes have covered parking and garages, but why not look to the future and have elevated sky garage that will lift your car to whatever floor you live on?

Most apartments offer a fitness center, but soon you might need to upgrade to a rock climbing wall, indoor driving range, and yoga studio.

More and more it seems like apartment complexes are becoming small cities of their own. One stop living – when you arrive home from work you don’t need to go anywhere else. You can work out, pick up your kids from the onsite daycare, grab dinner from the corner grocer, and then catch a movie at the office’s theater complete with popcorn maker and soda machine.

Here are some other crazy amenities that might become the norm before we know it.

What do you think are the best amenities your complex offers? What amenities do new residents get excited about when leasing from you?

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