TV Floor Plans (Wednesday)

Summertime seems to be the universal time of the year for a few things – pool parties, cocktails with tiny umbrellas, and moving to new apartments. I myself will be partaking in packing boxes, hiring movers, and trucking to a new apartment. Because of my relocation plans, I’ve been looking at a lot of apartment floor plans lately. Although, I feel like I found the perfect place for my dog and myself, I can’t help but be jealous when watching TV and seeing the fictional apartments my favorite television characters live. How exactly did anyone on Friends afford to live in these huge, Manhattan apartments when all they did was drink coffee all day?

As much as I love this,


I feel like this is much more realistic.


All of that space just seems a little out of their price range.

Here is a great link where architects have created floor plans for some of the most popular TV apartments. Evidently I should be an interior designer and living with my lawyer friend so I could afford Will and Grace’s gorgeous flat.

10 Floor Plans of the Most Famous TV Apartments in the World

Which are your favorites? Is there a specific floor plan at your complex that all your residents love? Let us know in the comments.

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