A Ticket For Every Resident

Account Management would like to take today’s blog to answer a question we have been hearing a lot lately. “Why is it important for every resident to call in and create a Ticket when they are all experiencing the same problem?” Desiree, Kristi, and Elaine have all been asked this question within the past week.

So here’s the thing…

When a group of residents are all having the same issue it is important for them to all call into our Support Desk so we can see a clear picture of everyone in the complex who are having problems. When our NOC Team is looking in the Network for errors or issues, they need to be able to jump to and from Tickets to properly record notes and make absolutely sure that all these residents are really having the same problem. When seven people state they are having slow Internet speeds, more often than not two people have too many devices on their WiFi, two other people actually just need to reboot, and the remaining three might actually be on the same IDF that is showing problems. Also, if seven people are having a problem and only one creates a Ticket when we have solved the problem for the resident with the Ticket we have no way of knowing if the other six are also up and running. If we have seven Tickets, this mean that all seven residents will receive a call from our Support Desk to confirm that all is well and their Internet is perfect once again.

It really boils down to this, we want all our residents to receive the best customer service possible and they are not going get this level of service if they are an after thought on someone else’s Support Ticket. Each resident deserves to get our Support Teams’ sole attention when it comes to solving their Internet problem, even if this problem is the same as his/her friends’ down the hall.

I hope this sheds some light on this issue, and please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions about the Ticketing System.

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