5 Steps For a Successful Monday (Even In The Rain)

Ladies and Gentlemen it is raining in Austin, Texas.

It is dark and grey and wet outside. Oh, and cold’ish’. 72 degrees with a 90% chance of rain on July 15th is completely unheard of here in Central Texas.

How does your management team get motivated on a day like this?

Here at Korcett we push forward through the dreary weather with the usual Monday morning gusto, with a few little changes.

When you are used to seeing this out your window all day…


And are now seeing this…


Drastic “get motivated for Monday” actions must be taken.

5 Easy Steps For a Successful Monday!

1. Blast some throwback Motown hits. In fact, why not do so over your awesome Internet with Spotify or Pandora.

2. Learn all about Truck Rolls in the newest edition of the K.A.M. newsletter. Newsletter Issue 6

3. Read all about how life should be more like Singing In The Rain

4. Click over to Twitter and follow @korcett.

5. Remember, eventually rain (and Mondays) all come to an end.


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