10 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor in an Apartment

Be Friendly

We’ve all heard the rule “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar” for a reason. It starts from the moment you move into your new apartment and start being friendly saying hello to your neighbors. Tell the maintenance staff thank you. Be kind and appreciative to the Management Team. Starting off on a good foot will only benefit later if you need help, have a problem, or are asking a favor. Remember no one likes to go above and beyond for the rude neighbor in apartment 208.


Keep it Down

Here’s the thing, if you live in an apartments, duplex or any type of home where you have shared walls, you’ve got to be considerate of your neighbors. Yes, you and your roommate might become best friends while listening to Ke$ha and dancing in the middle of your living room.  But we’re willing to bet you both bond over making chocolate chip cookies without a pop star being blasted at 11PM on your iPod.


Park Like a Champ

Rules to follow…

1. If you aren’t paying the extra fee to park in a specific spot or under a car port – don’t!

2. Don’t take up two spots. Seriously, don’t be that person!

3. If you’re driving a Monster Truck back away from the Compact Car spots.

lazy scranton

Laundry Etiquette

Going to a laundry room to wash your clothes is already kind of a pain for everyone, so don’t make it worse by having bad laundry manners. Don’t take someone’s clothes out of a washer or dryer. Be courteous and set an alarm for when you need to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer. Pick up after yourself and don’t leave empty laundry detergent bottles or used Dryer Sheets laying around. Please, no smoking in the laundry room!


Truth About Pets

Okay truth time. Your Maltipoo is adorable until he/she does any of the following…

Barks at night. Barks during the day. Runs around the apartment above so he/she sounds like an angry heard of water buffaloes. Smells like wet dog. Poos in front of my door. Pees on my potted plants thus killing them. Growls at my visitors. Gets in the pool. Never leaves me alone at the community BBQ pit. Did I mention barking?

dog meme

Don’t be a Dumpster Dummy

When 100’s of residents are all moving in on the same day or in the same week the dumpsters are going to get full, so try not to be a Dumpster Dummy. Break down your boxes! You know what is ridiculous? When an entire dumpster is full because that dummy in 672 didn’t break down 5 boxes. Some fancy complexes are now offering valet garbage where residents can put their trash outside their door the night before trash pick up day. This is awesome unless you live right next to the dummy who doesn’t tie their trash bags and your hall and doorway perpetually smells like a mixture of takeout curry and vacuum bags.


School Your Guests

Obnoxious guests are horrible. Don’t invite them over and if you do, take responsibility for them. If someone is being loud, tell them to take their hilarious story about the T.A. in their Economics class down to a 6.  It’s up to you to enforce them upon your friends. Remember you’re an adult and with that comes the responsibility of telling your obnoxious friends to tone it down.


Porch Pals

If you are anything like the K.A.M. you love your porch and will end up spending a lot of time relaxing in a chair on your porch or balcony. Relax. Chilax. Just be aware of a few things…

1. Don’t sweep the trash and dirt off your balcony to the patio below. Not nice.

2. Pick up your cigarette butts. If not they fall below or blow away on to other people’s property.

3. Be aware of shared railings and walls when hanging decorative items.

4. Remember your balcony might come off your apartment, but it’s a pretty public space. Don’t do anything you don’t want all your

neighbors to see.


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