10 Signs You Live in a Student Apartment Complex

And now presenting K.A.M.’s “10 Signs You Live In An Awesome Student Apartment Complex.”

10. Your apartment complex’s pool is nicer than 99% of the hotels you’ve ever stayed at.


                            (Aspen Heights San Antonio – yeah we’d live there)

9. HBO is not an amenity but a necessity.


8. You and all your neighbors have the same “bed in a bag” from Target and Magnarp lamp from Ikea.


7. You are 18 and technically an adult, yet when you move in you are handed a flyer about the dangers of lighting candles in your apartment.


6. You have 7 pairs of sunglasses that advertise where you live stashed all over your apartment.


5. You hadn’t met your roommates before move in, and yet in just a few short weeks they’ve become your new best friends.


4. Everyone knows not to park in the Visitor Parking spaces. Seriously! Don’t park in the Visitor Spaces!


3. It’s super awkward when you’re carrying your groceries past all the gorgeous people playing sand volleyball and you drop your economy sized jumbo pack of toilet paper.


2. It takes you precisely 8 minutes to roll out of bed and make it to your first class of the day.


1. If you’re lucky and if you truly live in an Awesome Student Apartment Complex you’ve got the best Internet around – Korcett!

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